Workbench: Editor: Navigation Scope setting
Audio cues
Property type inlay hints
Limiting the number of open editors
Multi-language settings
Editor › Scrollbar: Size
Configuring the terminal's title
HTML › Completion: Attribute Default Value
Explorer: Copy relative path separator
Editor: Show Folding Controls
Editor › Scrollbar › Vertical / Horizontal
Terminal › Confirm On Exit
Terminal default location
Editor › Scrollbar: Scroll By Page
Terminal Scrollback
Editor: Suggest: Preview
Menu bar visibility
Git: Auto stash
Editor: Auto Closing Delete
Markdown > Preview: Typographer
Git: Smart commit
Editor: Semantic Token Color Customizations
SCM: Input font size
The sash hover border
Editor tab decorations
Search: Mode
Product Icon Themes
Workbench › Editor: Wrap Tabs
Suggest status bar
Minimap slider
Screencast mode
Compact folders in the explorer
Commit characters
Auto surround
Window: Close When Empty
Editor: Find: Cursor move on type
Format on save
Window: Title Separator
Workbench: Startup editor
Managing multiple formatters
Editor: Quick suggestions
Terminal: CWD
Seed search string from selection
Changing the integrated terminal font
Window: Title
Remote machine settings
Editor: Cursor Blinking
Files: Associations
Window: Auto Detect Color Scheme
Panel: Opens Maximized
File icon themes
Pinned tab sizing settings
Workspace settings
Zen Mode: Restore
Defining rulers with specific colors
Editor: Minimap Side
Workbench › Editor › Untitled: Label Format
Markdown Styles
Zen mode settings
Editor: Line Numbers
Minimap: Size
Auto save
Files: Default Language
Workbench: Editor: Close empty groups
Workbench › Tree: Indent
Editor › Minimap: Render Characters
Editor: Cursor Smooth Caret Animation
Breadcrumbs: File path
SCM: Input font family
Editor › Suggest: Show settings
JavaScript › Preferences: Quote Style
Workbench › List: Automatic Keyboard Navigation
Problems: Show Current In Status
Explorer: Sort Order
Editor: Render Line Highlight
Editor › Minimap: Scale
Editor: Cursor Surrounding Lines
Editor: Cursor style
Debug: Toolbar Location
Editor › Suggest: Snippets Prevent Quick Suggestions
Diff Editor: Ignore Trim Whitespace
Editor: Format on type
Editor: Folding Highlight
Language Specific Settings
Window: Native tabs
Editor: Definition Link Opens In Peek
Workbench › Editor: Highlight Modified Tabs
Files: Exclude
JavaScript › Format: Semicolons
Editor: Word wrap
Fast scroll
Editor: Render Whitespace
JavaScript › Suggest: Complete Function Calls
Editor: Rulers