Property type inlay hints
View binary buffers while debugging JavaScript
JSX attribute completions
Class member completions
Parameter type inlay hints
Variable Type Inlay Hints
Return type inlay hints
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Add missing function declaration quick fix
Import Statement Completions
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Infer function return type
@returns for JSDoc
Add missing function quick fix for JavaScript and TypeScript
TS/JS Postfix Completions
Conditional exception breakpoints
The Import Cost extension
Implement interface
Extract function/method refactorings for JavaScript and TypeScript
Infer parameter types from usage
Quickly writing JSDoc comments in JavaScript and TypeScript
The Template string converter extension
JSDoc deprecated support in JavaScript and TypeScript
Convert to optional chaining
Convert to async
JS/TS formatting settings
Generate 'get' and 'set' accessors for TypeScript
Add missing imports on save for JavaScript and TypeScript
Update imports for JavaScript and TypeScript
Implementations code lens
Add or remove braces from arrow functions
Extract type refactorings
Rename on import paths for JavaScript and TypeScript
Automatic awaits in JavaScript and TypeScript
TypeScript: Go to project configuration
Convert default export to named export
Convert to template string
JavaScript › Format: Semicolons
Rename symbol (F2)
Automatic this completions for JavaScript and TypeScript
Move to new file refactoring
Convert imports JavaScript and TypeScript refactoring
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