Code 20/20 offers hundreds of free tips and tricks for working with VS Code. With concise and informative videos, we cover a wide range of VS Code topics: everything from multicursor editing to customizing a theme.

No matter if you're just getting started with VS Code or an expert who uses it eight hours a day, there's something here for you. These tips and tricks will help you be more productive in VS Code, and hopefully make using VS Code a little more fun too!


Code 20/20 was created by me, Matt Bierner. I've been on the VS Code team since 2016, primary working on VS Code's JavaScript and TypeScript support but also working extensively on VS Code's extension APIs besides touching on a number of other areas of the product.

I created Code 20/20 to share some of knowledge and tricks I use everyday while working in and on VS Code. VS Code is a very deep product and much of this depth is not immediately obvious. I want to help people discover more of the cool features that the VS Code team and community have implemented.

With Code 20/20, you can be sure the content was created by someone who generally knows what they are talking about. My goal is to teach you quickly and efficiently without the gimmicks and other BS that plague all too many other coding resources.


The Code 20/20 logo was created by Alessandro Strickner. It's sweet!

Check out the Code 20/20 YouTube channel for an even more amazing version of it

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If you'd like to suggest a tip for Code 20/20, please submit a GitHub issue.

If the topic hasn't already been covered and seems like it would be interesting to a range of VS Code users, I'll try adding it to the site.

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If you have a question about using VS Code or about coding in general, please ask on Stack Overflow. This way your question can help all the others out there who may have a similar question.


Code 20/20 is not an official Microsoft resource. It is a personal project that I created outside of work.